Client Testimonials 

"Working with Team Edelstein was great. I found it to be the easiest process that I’ve done with buying a house. I’ve actually bought 9 houses in my life. Working with Henry was different, because it was a very relaxed process. Finding inspectors, going through whole actual purchase process, the mortgage and insurance, Henry was there all along the way." -Tim W

"To have someone like Tom to put you at ease and take you through these events in a relaxed manner. The compassion that he shows for any situation you’re going through, it just makes it all the more easier and you know he has your best interests at heart. Property & Real Estate is a generational business. Having known Tom for 3 decades, and now having experience with Henry and see that progress. He’s always been very attuned to the market, and Henry has continued that. Henry does a phenomenal job with the millennials, and the technology he brings. We’ve had the opportunity to work with other agents ... and there’s nothing that compares." 
-Anita & Brad H


"It is a great experience working with Team Edelstein It’s comfortable. One of the greatest things is you always feel you are in good hands. You feel safe, you can trust what they’re telling you. They are in there advocating for you. They are calm in a storm, and you’re going to be emotional sometimes. The thing that’s different is that they take professionalism to a higher level." -Dan N

"We’ve known Tom for 30 years. We’ve bought and sold home in Highland Park, Macalester Groveland, and Eagan where we live now. It’s very complicated to buy ior sell a home. He’s always calm and straightforward and tells you exactly what you need to do to get the home sold, and then he gets it sold. It’s been a real pleasure working with him. He’s been tremendously helpful, friendly and easy going about all of it, and really gave us confidence."
-Frances L & Kirk J


"Since 2013 we’ve worked with Tom Edelstein and his Team 7 times. Our home sold in one day, with 4 offers. When we moved, he gave us a list of places where we could find an apartment that does short term, a place to store our furniture, financing. He was great, things you didn’t even think about. He made it easy. Walked us through from step one until the final step when we closed."
 -Kathy & Charles G, Lu W, Mary & Jeff T

"I’ve worked with team Edelstein twice. I met Tom and I was immediately impressed because he was so professional. And he listened. He did a lot of listening which I really appreciated. After five years on the market, Tom sold the house in 5 weeks. What’s the magic behind this? I think he worked it. Our condo in Crocus Hill was also five years on the market, and it occurred to me .... Tom. He said I’d like to introduce you to my son Henry. Selling a house is so stressful. I told Henry I need this done quick. This time it was sold in 10 days. What’s the magic? He works it." 
-Joan R


"I worked with Tom and it was the second real estate experience in my life. The way he analyzed, you could see the expertise with which he noticed every detail of my condo. The professionalism, the knowledge, the humor, he got who I was, what I was after, and came through. It couldn’t have been any better. One thing the world needs more of is people like Tom, who are supremely successful business people, but yet embody the highest values in human beings, the highest qualities that we’re capable of. I love doing business with people like that, that get the job done with integrity. It was a totally wonderful experience." -Lin S

"Working with Team Edelstein honestly was great. As first time homebuyers the experience can be a little overwhelming. Henry was extremely knowledgeable, extremely nice, extremely friendly. We ended up with a multiple offer situation, and he worked through all of that with us. He explained everything to us. We could rely on his, we could trust him. What makes them different in my mind was the little things. One of the items Henry recommended was writing a letter to the sellers. That letter set us apart from the rest of the crowd. We ended up building a level of trust with Henry. When you trust somebody like that and you feel they’ve done a great job, it makes it really easy to recommend them." - Joe K


"Why do I love working with Team Edelstein? I started with them in 1988. They got me my first house. My family has lived in Highland for 4 generations, and I didn’t want to leave. My first townhouse - 24 years I stayed there and then it was time to move on. Henry helped me. Henry walked in and looked at my house. I had to move one piece of furniture. You hear all these horror stories, I tend to get nervous. He sold my house in five days and then I had no where to go. Henry put my mind at ease. I’ve been in my current place for almost 4 years. Every single day I walk in the door and look around, I’m so happy. What a great experience. It was like I blinked my eyes and he called me. No regrets." -Scott G

"When I worked with Team Edelstein, we sold our old family house. It was a big transition for us. Working with Team Edelstein really took a lot of the stress out. They told us what to do, really made it as easy as possible. At the same time we were very excited to move into a new house we bought thru Team Edelstein. They’re both total pros and they know the territory. We ended up selling the house for slightly more than what we were asking for within 24 hours of putting it out. The experience couldn’t have been better. We did as well as we could have done, better than we expected to do, and it really showed to me what I felt like all the way along - we were in the best hands possible." -Scott J